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When the Malays start behaving in a barbaric manner this happens daily

It was just another accident on the road in Klang.
But the owner of the car that got knocked took it very, very personal.
Being Malay she felt that the other driver (Non-Malay) did not have the right to cause the accident.
The Malay woman must be someone with strong cables because a group of Malay around 100 turned up AFTER SHE MAKE A CALL ON HER MOBILE and started to beat the other driver and overturned the car.  Not enough the group of Malays burned the vehicle much to the dismay of the helpless driver who was already assaulted to a pulp.
If every Malay who meet up with an accident do this, Malaysia has become a dangerous country to live in.
All this is thanks to UMNO, BTN, Mara, Isma, Perkasa and Malay Extremists who think that Malaysia belong to them only.  What the Malays fail to realise is that they themselves were also Pendatang from Indonesia and Thailand. Today the MALAYS LORD OVER THE NON-MALAYS BECAUSE THEY KNOW, WE KNOW THEY WERE ONCE NOBODY.

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Children today are sick

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Disgraceful Malays out to proof they are idiots

Selangor Perkasa starts fund to back Kiki, the disgraced road bully.

Siti Fairrah Ashykin Kamaruddin arrives at the Kuantan police headquarters to record her statement over the road rage incident, July 17, 2014. — Bernama pic
The Selangor chapter of Malay rights group Perkasa has launched a fund to pay the fine for Siti Fairrah Ashykin Kamaruddin, the disgraced woman  filmed hammering an elderly ethnic Chinese man’s vehicle with a steering lock. 
According to the group, the fund is meant to “help lighten the financial burden” of the woman better known as Kiki.
“She has been sentenced to RM5,000 fine and 240-hours of community services by the Kuantan Sessions Court on July 22 for indecent act against a Chinese man,” said a posting on the group’s Facebook page early this morning in Malay.
“In sympathy towards her, we the leaders of Selangor Perkasa will collect as much as we can.”
According to Selangor Perkasa secretary Mohd Idrus Ali Ahmad, the fund has collected close to RM400 today.
Selangor Perkasa chief Abu Bakar Yahya could not be reached for further comment at the time of writing.
Siti Fairrah, who broke down during mitigation, had earlier pleaded guilty to the charge under Section 427 of the Penal Code, which carries a jail term of up to two years or a fine or both, The Star reported.
She was said to have committed the offence at the parking lot of UTC, Jalan Sekilau in Kuantan on July 14 at about 1.10pm.
A social media storm erupted after the video documenting her verbally abusing Sim and hitting his car with a steering lock was uploaded on video-sharing site YouTube.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Agreement signed between Pro-Russian separatist Leader and Malaysia after payment of US$100 million


Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak became an instant celebrity after he successfully secured an agreement with pro-Russian separatists, who were accused of downing Malaysian Flight MH17, killing 298 innocent lives. Four days after the aircraft fell from the sky, the black box is in Malaysian authorities’ custody, which will in turn pass to an international investigation team.

The separatists also returned the bodies of the victims, although the last count by Dutch forensic experts found only 200 bodies on board the transportation train, instead of rebels’ 282 bodies and 87 body parts claim. Najib had also expressed his satisfaction at the manner in which the agreement reached with the rebel leader Alexander Borodai, the self-declared Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic.
Malaysian Flight MH17 Shot Down - Alexander Borodai and Najib Razak
It seemed while world leaders from United States, European Union, Australia were busy scolding Russia, PM Najib had quietly and secretly negotiate with Borodai. Najib claimed the secret agreement comprises three conditions – the return of the victims’ remains, the handover of the flight recorder (black box) and full access to the crash site so that investigations can begin.

So far, the first two conditions had been met and hopefully the third condition would not meet any further hurdles. Najib also revealed that the discussions with Borodai had been due to extraordinary circumstances which called for extraordinary measures. This last statement is perhaps the most crucial simply because it contains the secret agreement with the rebels.
Malaysian Flight MH17 Shot Down - Black BoxMalaysian Flight MH17 Shot Down - Bodies
Many applaud Najib’s swift and excellent performance in this MH17 crisis. However, should not this the job of a leader of a country? Was it a sterling job because people actually compare this crisis with his pathetic performance during the disappearance of Flight MH370? Or was this another unprecedented situation where Najib was lucky because of the threat of a broader economic sanctions from European countries, so much so that Russia has to return them anyway?

We’ve written this in our previous article – Obama administration has little interest and urgency about this matter. They just wanted to add fuel to the crisis hoping to get European countries to severe their close ties with Russia. British prime minister David Cameron urges for French president Francois Hollande to stop the supply of two £1 billion Mistral helicopter carriers to Moscow, while Hollande hits back at Cameron as “hypocrites” for allowing Russian cronies seeking refuge in London.
Malaysian Flight MH17 Shot Down - French Mistral Helicopters CarrierMalaysian Flight MH17 Shot Down - David Cameron and Francois Hollande
So really, PM Najib has little room to manoeuvre in this crisis. Judging by how Najib normally solves his domestic problems, Malaysians easily concluded that he had actually use “money” to entice Borodai to obediently hand over the two essential items – black box and bodies. In addition, Najib could close one-eye and “promised” not to blame the separatists, who could be the real culprit who shot down the plane.

Najib administration had paid millions of dollars to Philippines terrorists who made it a routine to kidnap tourists from Sabah in exchange for money. United States and other western countries may find it absurd but Najib’s UMNO-led government has been negotiating with terrorists, rebels and extremists for as long as mankind has existed. That was perhaps what Najib meant when he said extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures (*tongue-in-cheek*).
Malaysian Flight MH17 Shot Down - Alexander Borodai self - proclaimed Prime Minister of the pro-Russian separatistMalaysian Flight MH17 Shot Down - Najib Top Secret Deal
But was it wrong to pay the rebels, knowing very well that they had shot down your own plane and killed all the 298 lives? Well, a much criticised leader and a weak country can’t be choosy, can they? You can argue till cows come home but the fact is 298 people were already dead and chances are high the real murderers would not be captured, let alone be prosecuted. It would bemore beneficial and meaningful to serve the immediate interests of the victims’ next of kin, for the time being.

While taxpayers may never know the amount of money that Najib have promised to fund the rebels, if it indeed was part of the secret agreement in the first place, such action could have a long-term impact to the country. Besides making good money part-time kidnapping tourists from Sabah, now terrorists and rebels know they can actually be rewarded for destroying Malaysian assets.
Malaysian Flight MH17 Shot Down - Buk 9M28M1 Took 9.86 Seconds To Reach MH17
There’s another more disastrous and remotely possible agreement in the secret diplomacy. During Abdullah Badawi administration, his son Kamaluddin’s company, Scomi, was allegedly involved in supplying dual-use technology to Libya’s clandestine nuclear-weapons programme – an admission by Pakistani nuclear scientiest Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. Naturally, Abdullah tops the list of world leaders spied by United States National Security Agency.

Now the multi-billion question: did Najib promise a similar programme – to supply weapon parts to pro-Russian separatists? This would be a wonderful smokescreen as while everybody expects Russia supplies the rebels; nobody expect Malaysia would do so. At this moment, we would like to give Najib the benefits of doubt that he wasn’t insane enough to do the unthinkable.
Flight MH17 Incident - Passengers NationalitiesBuk M1 - SA-11 Gadfly Missile Systems Spotted display
Nevertheless, one can’t help but wonder if this was what he meant when he says “There were risks in pursuing this agreement but we felt an obligation to explore all avenues to break the impasse”. Only Najib alone knows the contents of the secret agreeement. On paper, it seems the rebels would have been promised something in return for the three conditions, otherwise why made the secret deal? After all, the three conditions were already an open demands from every Tom, Dick and his cat.

Do you smell a rat? Certainly, but as the leader justifies it – extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. And as long as his little secret is not exposed until such day, it’s business as usual. Sure, United States doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, but didn’t they quietly finance them too (*grin*)? People should applaud Najib’s powerful wife, Auntie Rosy, for making Putin made the call though.


No other deal with Ukraine separatists for MH17, says Muhyiddin

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Private Hospital in Sibu HEARTLESS

Seorang lelaki yang dikenali sebagai Thomas Loh meluahkan rasa kesalnya terhadap sebuah hospital swasta yang memilih kasih dalam menerima pesakit. Thomas Loh berkata, satu kemalangan motosikal telah berlaku di Jalan Pedada, Sibu. Kemalangan itu membabitkan tiga beranak , kata Loh lagi menerusi laman Facebook Sarawak Update. 

Dalam kejadian itu, dia pergi ke sebuah hospital swasta yang terdekat untuk memaklumkan kejadian. Malangnya, jururawat yang bertugas menolak pesakit-pesakit terbabit dengan alasan, takut jika tiada siapa yang nak bayar bil ketiga-tiga mangsa.

Jururawat tersebut juga berkata, jika kes seperti itu, hospital kerajaanlah yang patut bertanggungjawab. 

Dalam laporan itu, Thomas mengecam perbuatan hospital swasta terbabit kerana mementingkan wang daripada keselamatan pesakit. Kalau nak duit sangat baik tak payah bukak hospital. -